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The role of machines
The role of machines The role of machines

Working as the exclusive Japan agent for McCulloch Motors Corporation, we began importing chainsaws from the US company in 1952, kicking off the era of mechanized forestry in Japan. We built upon these early experiences by developing our own high-quality, professional-grade Shingu Chainsaws in 1981, pushing the mechanization of the industry even further. In 1964, we manufactured and sold Japan’s first compact, lightweight bush cutters under the name Shingu Bell Cutters.

We are a versatile manufacturer and commercial trader for the lumber industry, with a comprehensive product line that covers every aspect of the lumber industry, from planting seeds to final delivery. We import or manufacture and sell a wide selection of high-performance forestry equipment like chainsaws and brush cutters, as well as a variety of processing machines such as firewood manufacturing equipment, branch grinders, chippers, narrow-gauge debarking equipment, round timber processors, and sawdust pulverizers.

We entered the garden and turf industry in 1974 when we began importing and selling Snapper lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, aerators, sweepers, wood splitters, and shredders for the landscaping and greening market. We also offer unique products like hay cutters, pneumatic saws, engine cutters, wood-burning stores, and more offshoot markets from the forestry industry and are gradually expanding our sales opportunities.

We are also steadily breaking into new overseas markets as well. Our Shingu-brand brush cutters and hedge trimmers are exported to countries around the world, where they are receiving high acclaim.

“Care for forests, make the most of trees” We offer comprehensive support for the silvicultural and horticultural industries by developing and manufacturing forestry equipment or importing it from abroad to sell to our customers.
< Key products >
■ Chainsaws
Shingu chainsaws
■ Brush cutters and pruning equipment
Shingu Bell Cutters (lightweight brush cutters by Shingu Shoko)
Shingu Hedge Trimmers (pruning equipment by Shingu Shoko)
■ Gardening equipment
Snapper lawnmowers (US), Bluebird aerators (US), Parker/Billy Goat sweepers (US),
Bell brush cutters (Italy)
■ Forestry equipment
Import/manufacturing and sale of Penz log loaders (Austria), Ponsse harvesters (Finland),
Cranab grapples (Sweden), and more
■ Wood-burning stoves
Andersen stoves (Denmark/Norway) (Morso/Scan brand)
■ Other
Tiger pneumatic saws, engine cutters, hay cutters (Italy)
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